Customer satisfaction is always the most important component in a strong customer/business relationship. If we are not doing all that we can to ensure that every customer has a wonderful experience at Pro-Tec Auto Repair College Station then we would like to know how to change for the better. We value our customer input and, of course, we love to see positive reviews.

We strive to be your trusted auto repair shop in college Station Tx

Mary Arechiga·
December 18, 2016
Great place to have you car for repairs. VERY HONEST

John MacGrath·
December 17, 2016
Honest, competent and quick service if they can. I highly recommend them!

Holly H.
Houston, TX
My son is a busy student & it's very important to me that he has reliable transportation, so when I learned his car needed a vital repair I searched on Yelp for some guidance.  I called & was satisfied with the estimate of cost & time.  I was very pleased that both were spot on!  Thank you very much for making me feel confident that he can bring his car back to Pro-Tec for future maintenance.  As a single mom, the honest price quote (not over-priced by any means) & professional work are priceless!  Thank you so much for taking good care of us, we appreciate it very much!

Les R.
College Station, TX
These guys have often been far cheaper, quicker and provided accurate. They are quick to take care of you and provide of exactly what is wrong with the vehicle. They also use common sense when diagnosing a vehicle and offer different options when evaluating your vehicle's repairs. I have used them for my vehicles that no longer have warranties and I have been satisfied the three times I've been here in the last two. I would highly recommend them over the other area shops!


Monica H.
College Station, TX  8/28/2015
I had my car's oil changed here this morning and they were quick, professional, and informative with all my questions and concerns. I came back a few hours later because I noticed a small oil pool underneath my car and they were happy to check if there was something wrong. Everything turned out fine and they said that the oil I saw was the old oil that they drained which fell into a catch pan and poured out when I parked on an incline. Thanks for the help and explanations! I learned a lot. :) Also the price is reasonable compared to other places in town.

Jade H.
I have been a student in College Station for a few years but only recently purchased a car and with that came the obvious need to find an honest, affordable, friendly, and knowledgeable mechanic. To anyone, including myself, those sound like impossible standards to meet but Pro-tec has pulled it off. Before I even took my car in I had called them a few times to ask questions and get a few quotes for diagnostics and repairs. Each time, the person answering the phone was polite and helpful and answered my questions without being condescending. The first thing I took my car in for was a brake system flush. The price was reasonable and they made sure to check for leaks at no extra cost. They also informed me that I had a very small oil leak but they didn't think it was severe enough to warrant repair. Most mechanics would have tried to sell that unnecessary repair until they were blue in the face. They also were happy to take a look at another issue I was having and give me helpful advice, also without trying to sell me a repair or charging me extra. I later took my car in for an oil change. The place is perpetually packed, most likely for similar reasons to the ones mentioned above, but they still bent over backwards to get me in that day.
This shop has an amazingly friendly small town atmosphere. Everyone is on a first name basis with each other and every other customer I talked to was just as impressed with this place. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

Amy B.
Houston, 2/9/2016
Came here to get a free quote on some repairs that ntb said I needed. $200 cheaper than ntb would have charged, and they were also very efficient. I expected them to need a few days as I needed multiple things done but was able to pick it up about 15 minutes after they closed (they said it would be fine over the phone). Great service!

Joyce Meurer reviewed Pro-Tec Auto Repair.- 5 star
· December 18, 2012 ·
A family owned and trusted car service/repair shop all Aggies and their parents can depend on! Keep up the great service!

Amanda Renea Vincent reviewed Pro-Tec Auto Repair — 5 star
· December 17, 2015 ·
Always very helpful and quick when it comes to big repairs.


Shayne D.
San Antonio, TX
I was in town for a conference and noticed one of my wheel bearings might be going out. Gave them a call and explained my situation to them and they exceeded my expectations of service. They made sure that I was able to get in that same afternoon, which I was afraid I would have to purchase another night in a hotel since I lived 4 hrs away. I can't praise them enough for their professionalism and just general customer service they provided

Mary Gross reviewed Pro-Tec Auto Repair — 5 star
· July 8, 2015 ·
Fast and friendly! Even let my lil Dog inside

Hilda B. Ramirez reviewed Pro-Tec Auto Repair — 5 star
· November 6, 2014 ·
Thank You.. For fixing my my Tahoe ..Like

Rhonda Washington-Waller reviewed Pro-Tec Auto Repair — 5 star· December 5, 2013 ·

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